MALIA is a small analyzer based on the principle of CLIA (Chemiluminescent Immunoassay) allowing high accuracy and sensitivity to the investigated parameters.

MALIA will allow to determine the exact values of selected markers directly at the point of need (PON) within 25 minutes. For ease of collection and testing, it can be operated by anyone after a short training.

The device can be used wherever it is necessary to easily and quickly perform a laboratory-accurate blood test and at the same time lack the background of a large laboratory. The composition of the individual tests can be adapted to the patient by selecting individual cartridges. MALIA can be used by doctors or nurses directly in surgeries or in the field.

The project is now in the process of testing a prototype.

Team NANTEO with the MALIA prototype

Key Benefits

Rapid analysis (up to 25 minutes)

Highly sensitive and specific

Operation at the point-of-care

Eease of use

Results presented in a comprehensible way

We bring accurate immuno diagnostics into PON testing.